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Amazing Aba Aba

24 July 2021

Gymnarchus niloticus (Aba, Aba Aba, Upside Down Knifefish) Here we have a very large knifefish more commonly seen in public aquaria- it’s body is elongate and compressed from side to side, which contrasts with the rather tubular head. Unlike other knifefishes …

Amazing Auction Listings Ending @ 8PM Tomorrow

03 July 2021

We have some wonderful fish available within our auction section, this week including a stunning 14 inch Golden High ack Asian Arowana, male and female Black Diamond Stingray, 6 and 30 inch MBU Puffer and many more. All images used …

Join Us On Facebook & Use Our FREE Fish Finding Service Today

02 July 2021

Click below to join our friendly Facebook community:   Click HERE to support us on Facebook   Or drop us an email with with the name of the fish you are looking for:   Click HERE to email …

100s of Pleco / L Numbers Delivered to Your Door

19 June 2021

There is always a really great range of L Number Places available with Sims Tropical. Below is a small sample list of the range you will find online. If you are searching for a Pleco to purchase, but it is …

Mates For Your Mollies 🐠

21 May 2021

  The Brown Hoplo (Hoplosternum littorale) is actually a good place to start. It's a member of the Callichthyidae, the same family that contains the Corydoras catfish so popular with aquarists around the world. Compared to Corydoras it is …

Did Someone Say Free Delivery?

19 May 2021

Free delivery is now available on all orders over £100 in the UK with our standard overnight courier services. Don't worry, Insured and Premium UK delivery services are also still available at the checkout. Why don't you get in touch with …

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