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African Rarities and Oddballs at Sims Tropical Fish

15 January 2021

    Outside of the Rift Valley cichlids, African freshwater fish are still relatively uncommon in the trade, especially when compared with their counterparts from Southeast Asia and South America. That’s a shame, because many of these fish …

Aquarium Algae: Finding A Clean-Up Crew

10 January 2021

What are the best algae eater for your tank? Freshwater Shrimp are not only an effective clean up crew, but also intriguing species to watch and enjoy. These little beauties are often considered some are the of the best algae …

In Stock: The Vivacious Vulture Catfish

28 December 2020

The Vulture Catfish are a true scavenger species in addition to being a vicious predatory. This catfish is found in South America, namely the the Orinoco and Amazon basins. This very adaptable species is mostly found in shallow waters close …

Ho-Ho-Ho! Last Chance for Pre-Christmas Delivery: 22nd Dec

19 December 2020

  🎅   Tis The Season To Buy Fishes! If you would like to watch and enjoy a new little addition (or six) to your aquarium over the festive period, there are a limited number of delivery spaces left for …

10% OFF on Christmas Gift Card Purchases!

09 December 2020

    We have a discount code for our lucky readers to use on everything! That's right. 10% off ALL 3,000+ species of fish, aquariums, heaters, filters etc... If that's not enough, remember we price match against all online …

Fresh Delivery From AFRICA!

29 November 2020

    Africa landed... literally, by plane! Our team over at Sims Tropical hand collected a huge range of African species and arrived back safely in the UK this weekend. Order now for delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday or …

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