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Fairy Cichlids: A Fascinating Favourite

30 August 2021

Lake Tanganyika is over 400 miles long and is the second largest freshwater lake in the world. The lake spans over four countries; Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Burundi, and Zambia. It accounts for almost a fifth of …

Amazing Aba Aba

24 July 2021

Gymnarchus niloticus (Aba, Aba Aba, Upside Down Knifefish) Here we have a very large knifefish more commonly seen in public aquaria- it’s body is elongate and compressed from side to side, which contrasts with the rather tubular head. Unlike other knifefishes …

Amazing Auction Listings Ending @ 8PM Tomorrow

03 July 2021

We have some wonderful fish available within our auction section, this week including a stunning 14 inch Golden High ack Asian Arowana, male and female Black Diamond Stingray, 6 and 30 inch MBU Puffer and many more. All images used …

Join Us On Facebook & Use Our FREE Fish Finding Service Today

02 July 2021

Click below to join our friendly Facebook community:   Click HERE to support us on Facebook   Or drop us an email with with the name of the fish you are looking for:   Click HERE to email …

100s of Pleco / L Numbers Delivered to Your Door

19 June 2021

There is always a really great range of L Number Places available with Sims Tropical. Below is a small sample list of the range you will find online. If you are searching for a Pleco to purchase, but it is …

Mates For Your Mollies 🐠

21 May 2021

  The Brown Hoplo (Hoplosternum littorale) is actually a good place to start. It's a member of the Callichthyidae, the same family that contains the Corydoras catfish so popular with aquarists around the world. Compared to Corydoras it is …

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