Stock list update: Abacus Aquatics

02 February 2018

Abacus Aquatics based in Sidcup, Kent have updated their stock list today. Abacus have been rated as one of the top forty shops in the country by the Practical Fishkeeping magazine for several years now and their stock list certainly reflects that. They have a lovely selection of fish available with many rarities along with the bread and butter fish that are perfect for a community tank setup. A good example is the Clown Catfish, Gagata cenia, These fish are not often seen in the shops. They do need optimum water conditions to thrive and should be provided with clean well oxygenated water (in their natural habitat they are found in running water). They prefer to be kept as a group and if you do decide to acquire some it is generally a good idea to buy at least three individuals.
To find out more about Abacus Aquatics and to view their full stock list please click here