Classic Car Intelligence
  • Species: Corydoras caudimaculatus

  • Species: Corydoras diphyes

  • Species: Corydoras reynoldsi

  • Species: Corydoras C18

Corydoras rarities at Wildwoods

13 January 2018

You can always be sure of an interesting selection of Corydoras on a visit to Wildwoods based in Enfield, Middlesex and at present there are several species on their lists which are rarely seen in the hobby, such as the yet to be described species, C30 and C18 plus Corydoras diphyes, Corydoras reynoldsi, Corydoras guapore, and Corydoras caudimaculatus to name but a few. In fact there are almost 50 species of Corydoras available instore or to buy online via Wildwoods Tropicalfish2yourdoor shop