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Rare Rainbowfish at Wildwoods

03 December 2017

Rare Rainbows!
Our latest shipments have now completed their time in our quarantine facility and are ready for the sales tanks. New for this week are:
Melanotaenia kamaka
Melanotaenia maylandi
Melanotaenia Sp. 'Kaladiri'
Melanotaenia mcullochi 'Skull Creek'
Chilatherina Sp. Kali Awalim'
Chilatherina alleni 'Wapoga'
Chilatherina senteniensis
We've still got good numbers of many other species too so let us know if there's anything you're looking for or you need reserved.
If you are looking for Rainbow Inspiration, pop along and see our 5 foot display aquarium with some lovely adult fishes.