Stock list update: Abacus Aquatics

17 November 2017

Abacus Aquatics based in Sidcup, Kent have updated their stock list today. Abacus have been rated as one of the top forty shops in the country by the Practical Fishkeeping magazine for several years now and their stock list certainly reflects that. They have a lovely selection of fish available with many rarities along with the bread and butter fish that are perfect for a community tank setup. they have for example the Vieja synspila(Quetzal Cichlid, Redhead Cichlid) .An extraordinary colourful cichlid with a reddish head and a body marked with green, blue, pink, and yellow. The unpaired fins are brilliant gold with small black spots. This fish has a metallic sheen, and its colours vary considerably depending on lighting as well as mood.
With good care and a mixed diet they will grow quickly into very handsome fish.
To find out more about Abacus Aquatics and to view their full stock list please click here