Classic Car Intelligence
  • Species: Corydoras ellisae

  • Species: Corydoras natterer

  • Species: Corydoras polystictus

  • Species: Corydoras weitzmani

  • Species: Scleromystax kronei

Rare Corydoras Catfish at Abacus Aquatics .....

20 August 2017

Abacus Aquatics have currently got a total of 29 different species of
Corydoras Catfish in stock, including quite a few very rarely available.
Just some of the rarer ones include Corydoras sp C121, Corydoras
polystictus, Corydoras nattereri, Corydoras ellisae, Corydoras weitzmani, Corydoras sp CW051, Corydoras robustus and
Scleromystax kronei.

Please note Abacus Aquatics does not ship fish so these are all for
collection in store only. If you are planning to a long distance travel
for a specific species it is wise to phone first (on 020 8302 8000) to
check they have not sold out. Fish can be reserved prior to travel if