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Chisel-tooth Cichlid available on Tropicalfish2yourdoor

26 May 2017

A rarely seen cichlid more commonly known as the Chisel-tooth cichlid is now available on Wildwoods Tropicalfish2yourdoor shop. This is a Central American species which originates from Guatemala and is very rarely seen in the shops. Large greenish-yellow fish with a number of darker vertical bands on the flanks, though these fade or strengthen with mood. The ventral surface is reddish. The fins are marked with blue spots. Small black spots are scattered across the flanks. While the adults are very beautiful fish, the juveniles are rather drab and silvery green. Males are bigger than females but otherwise the colours are similar.

Aggressive and territorial, this fish is best kept alone or with other robust fish from the same environment. Omnivorous and will eat most foods, but a mix of greens as well as small invertebrate prey and pellets is recommended. Breeding is similar to other members of the genus. It can reach around 20cm in size.

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