Classic Car Intelligence
  • Species: Anaspidoglanis macrostoma

  • Species: Cichla monoculus

  • Species: Corydoras atropersonatus

  • Species: Corydoras axelrodi

  • Species: Erethistes jerdoni

  • Species: Hypancistrus sp. L066

  • Species: Hydrocynus vittatus

  • Species: Moenkhausia costae

  • Species: Leporacanthicus heterodon L172a

  • Species: moenkhausia costae

  • Species: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum

  • Species: phenacogrammus aurantiacus

  • Species: Chilodus punctatus

  • Species: Myleus schomburgkii

  • Species: Sewellia lineolata

  • Species: Tatia perugiae

  • Species: L066

  • Species: Xiphophorus milleri

Latest shipment news at Amwell Aquatics@ Epping

03 March 2017

Amwell Aquatics based in Epping are continually receiving shipments of new fish with lots of exciting rarities and species that you will struggle to find at more mainstream shops. The shipment that has arrived this week includes lots of interesting fish, some of which we have listed below. This shop is really worthwhile taking some time out to visit and you will almost certainly find something of interest in one of their many tanks. To find out more about Amwell Aquatics, please click here.


Corydoras sp. CW051
Fairy Cory- Corydoras atropersonatus
Pink cory - Corydoras axelrodi
Twin saddle Cory - Corydoras weitzmani
Mini moth catfish- Erethistes jerdoni
Blue eyed Congo tetra - phenacogrammus aurantiacus
Royal pleco L190 - panaque nigrolineatus
Flounder pleco L052 - Dekeyseria sp. L052
King tiger pleco - Hypancistrus sp. L066
Dwarf Giraffe Catfish - Anaspidoglanis macrostoma
Silver arowana - Osteoglossum bicirrhosum
Honeycomb Catfish - Tatia perugiae
Blackhook tetra? - moenkhausia costae
Spotted headstander - Chilodus punctatus
Wide bar Dollars - Myleus schomburgkii
Golden vampire pleco - Leporacanthicus heterodon L172a
Gold ring loach - Sewellia lineolata
Tucanare peacock bass - Cichla monoculus
African Tigerfish - Hydrocynus vittatus
Coffee bean tetra - Hyphessobrycon takasei
Catemaco Platy - Xiphophorus milleri