Stock list update: Amwell Aquatics@ Epping

26 October 2016

Amwell Aquatics based in Epping have lots of new species in this week, some of which are listed below and there are lots of other new arivals, so do please visit their store to see the excellent selection of fish currently available.

Corydoras metae (captive bred)
Corydoras adolfoi (captive bred)
Corydoras aeneus Venezuela orange (captive bred)
Corydoras Panda Gold
Hyphessobrycon red blue peru
Ancistrus sp. super starlight L183
Petrotilapia chitimba
Labidochromis sp. blue/white tanzanian
Labeotropheus trewavasae chilumba
Labidochromis sp. Hongi sweden
L025 Scarlet plec (captive bred)
Apistogramma macmasteri Red Mask
Apistogramma hongsloi gold/red
Placidochromis gissel
Placidochromis phenochilus lupingu Tanzania F1
champsochromis caeruleus
Cyprichromis microlepidotus kiriza black
Petrochromis famula Kaiser ndondwe
Petrochromis texas bulu point
Laetacara dorsigera (larger size, pairs available)

This is just a small selection of the more notable additions this week lots more arrived in stock too.

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