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Congresox talabonoides

Attractive fish with a narrow snout, golden-green body and beautiful fins. The eyes are quite large, much bigger than those of moray eels. The narrow jaws are filled with small, needle-like teeth.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Almost nothing is known about this species as an aquarium fish. Feeds well on river shrimps and suitable wet-frozen substitutes. Should be carefully weaned onto a balanced diet including much thiaminase-free material such as tilapia fillet. Young specimens at least appear to be peaceful (though predatory) and hardy. Not suitable for freshwater aquaria.

Family Group: Miscellaneous
Distribution Indo-Pacific
Temperature 24-26 C
Size Up to 250 cm; usually much smaller
Water Parameters Brackish to marine conditions; SG 1.010-1.025
Water PH 8.0-8.5
Care Level Difficult
Water Chemistry More than pH 7 - Alkaline
Schooling Fish No
Sociability Peaceful
Diet Special Needs

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