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Cyprichromis sp. "Jumbo Speckleback"

A close relatively of the popular open water cichlid Cyprichromis leptosoma. This undescribed variety is possible a new species. Males have a pinkish body with blue spots especially on the top half of the flanks. The dorsal fins are speckled blue. The tail is yellow, though more so at the caudal peduncle and less so on the fin itself. As is typical for the genus, the females are less brightly coloured.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A very gregarious species that must be kept in a group of at least six specimens. Provided they are given enough space males will not harm one another. Easily bullied by aggressive cichlids, so best kept alone or with benthic species that will ignore them. Likes to jump: keep the tank covered! A maternal mouthbrooder, spawning takes place in midwater. Incubation of the eggs takes about three weeks, after which the large fry are able to take newly hatched brine shrimps and plankton. A fascinating but difficult species.

Family Group: African Cichlids
Distribution Lake Tanganyika, Africa
Temperature 23-27C
Size 10-12 cm
Water Parameters Hard and alkaline water essential
Water PH 8.0-9.0

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