• Source: Copyright Andrew Wood

  • Source: Copyright Andrew Wood

  • Source: Copyright Andrew Wood

Apistogramma atahualpa(Sunset Apistogramma)

A newly described species very closely related to Apistogramma agassizii and probably very similar in terms of needs and behaviour.

Base colour is yellowy, with the male sporting expansive blue areas on the head and flanks and blue dorsal, anal, and tail fins. The female lacks these, but has a few black stripes and marks, including a distinctive black patch at the base of the tail. She is also somewhat smaller than the male.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Little is known about this species but it case be assumed to be comparable to other Apistogramma. Best kept alone in a thickly planted aquarium with a few caves. Spawning occurs within a cave, and the fry can be raised with tiny live foods.

Family Group: South and Central American Cichlids
Distribution Brazil
Temperature 24-28C
Size 5 cm
Water Parameters ft, acid water essential
Water PH 6.0-7.0

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