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Marosatherina ladigesi(Celebes Rainbowfish, Telmatherina ladigesi)

A brilliantly coloured species that makes an ideal addition to any hard water community aquarium. These fish are somewhat transparent with a yellowy tinge, marked with a neon blue band along the flank and yellow and black coloured fins. Males have longer fins and marginally brighter colours, but otherwise the two sexes are pretty similar.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A very peaceful rainbowfish ideally suited to the hard water community aquarium. Contrary to the information provided in older aquarium books, this is not a brackish water species, though the addition of a little marine salt mix (SG 1.002-1.003) in areas with soft and acidic water may be helpful for raising the pH and providing some carbonate buffering to the system. Otherwise unproblematic, and an excellent aquarium fish.

Basic care similar to Australian rainbowfish. Keep in a roomy aquarium with a mix of open swimming areas and shady planted areas. Water current should be reasonably strong, and oxygen levels must be high. Feeds on most foods including flake, daphnia, etc. A schooling fish, keep in groups of not less than six specimens.

Breeding is possible though uncommon. These fish are egg-scatterers and deposit their eggs among fine-leaved plants such as Cabomba and Java moss. The eggs hatch after around 10 days, and the relatively large fry can be reared on liquid fry food and baby brine shrimp.

Family Group: Rainbow fish
Distribution Southeast Asia: Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Temperature 23-28C
Size 8 cm
Water Parameters Requires neutral to slightly alkaline, hard water conditions
Water PH 7.0-8.0

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