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Chela dadyburjori(Indian Glass Barb)

A very active, peaceful fish that must be kept in a school. In many ways similar to the popular danios, with which this fish combines well.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

This fish is relatively easy to breed. Use the same techniques as you would when breeding danios. Soft, slightly acidic water is useful, and the parents need to be fed on copious quantities of live food beforehand. The eggs are scattered among plants, and will hatch after 24 hours. 3-4 days later, the fry are free swimming and will eat small live foods including newly hatched brine shrimp.

Family Group: Barbs
Distribution India, Burma
Temperature 24-26 C
Size 4 cm
Water Parameters Neutral water conditions preferred
Water PH 6.5-7.5

Useful sources of information:

For a well illustrated and detailed reference guide on this and many other fish, consider the Baensch Aquarium Atlases. Volume 1 contains all the common species, and later volumes cover more unusual species. You can buy these books here.

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