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Tropical fish 2 your door

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Rate your purchaseYou can now buy your fish online from our Tropicalfish2yourdoor section.

This is a fantastic service that allows some of the best shops in the country to sell their stock via the TFF website. Click on a TF2YD shop link below to find out what stock is currently available.


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Wildwoods (5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5)

WILDWOODS TROPICAL FISH MAIL ORDER Unfortunately, due to increased shipping costs, our carriage charges have had to rise a little. We have absorbed the last two increases from our courier but we can't put it off any longer. The new charges are £16.95 for orders over £30 and £19.95 for small orders. NEW Shipping Arrangements! Our fish carrier APC have recently implemented new shipping arrangements which unfortunately means we can no longer send out fish on a Monday or Friday. This situation is totally out of our hands but we will continue to ship fishes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. BEFORE YOU ORDER : … <more>

Latest fish added to TF2YD

The latest fish added to the TF2YD stores list are displayed below. This is only a small list of stock from all current TF2YD shops - please click on the shop list to the left or above for full stock lists from each shop. You can also click the shop name next to each fish listing below.

Electric Catfish Malapterurus electricus

Shop: Wildwoods

Category: Catfish - malapteruridae

Size: 5-7cm

Price: £16.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 1 in stock

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Ghost Koi

Shop: Wildwoods

Category: Pondfish - Ghost Koi

Size: 6-7

Price: £18.95 each

Discount: Buy 5 or more Ghost Koi and get 5% off!!

Stock: 25 in stock

Haplochromis obliquidens

Shop: Wildwoods

Category: Cichlids - Lake Victoria basin

Size: 4-5cm

Price: £9.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 3 in stock

Tinfoil Barb Barbodes schwanenfeldi

A large, silvery barb that can easily exceed 25 cm in aquaria. Young fish have bright red fins, but these fade slightly as the fish age. A school of adult tinfoil barbs is a very impressive sight, and these fish make an excellent addition to a large community …

Shop: Wildwoods

Category: Barbs

Size: 5-6cm

Price: £6.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 17 in stock

Redline tetra Amapa Tetra Hyphessobrycon amapaensis

Shop: Wildwoods

Category: Characins - Community

Size: 1-1.5cm

Price: £5.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 20 in stock

Polka-Dot Catfish Synodontis angelicus

Shop: Wildwoods

Category: Catfish - Mochokidae

Size: 8-10cm

Price: £44.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 1 in stock