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Latest cichlid stock list for The Aquatic Design Centre

16 February 2017

The Aquatic Design Centre based in Great Portland Street London offer a huge variety of species and in particular they always have in stock a fantastic range of African cichlids. Some of the many cichlids they currently have in stock …

Latest arrivals at Wildwoods

16 February 2017

Wildwoods have taken delivery of a number of rare species this month including several that we have not seen on Tropicalfishfinder before. These include :- Danio sysphigmatus Pseudomugil luminatus Trachydoras nattereri Synbranchus marmorata - Marbled swamp eel Ossancora eigenmanni Wildwoods now offer a full mail …

Latest arrivals at Amwell Aquatics@ Epping

09 February 2017

Amwell Aquatics@ Epping have always got a wide range of fish species in stock ranging from rarities and oddballs to the community aquarium favourites. Their store is always worth a visit as you never know what might have arived …

The rare and remarkable red-eye pufferfish

05 February 2017

The red-eye puffers are a quartet of species that are only rarely traded but are eagerly sought out by discerning aquarists. One species, Carinotetraodon lorteti, has been kept infrequently by aquarists for decades, but the three other species, Carinotetraodon irrubesco, …

Unusual labyrinth fish

28 January 2017

Gouramis and bettas belong to a group of fishes known as labyrinth fish, characterised by a structure known as a labyrinth organ above the gills. This organ is used for breathing air, being richly supplied with blood vessels. Periodically the …

The chamaeleon characin, Ammocryptocharax elegans available at Wildwoods

21 January 2017

The chamaeleon characin, Ammocryptocharax elegans is available at Wildwoods. These are fantastic little fish that have the ability to adopt a bright green colour while on submerged live plants. To find out more about these fish click here.. These …

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WildwoodsWelcome to Wildwoods
Wildwoods Water Gardens has been a pioneer in the field of aquatics for more than 35 years. We pride ourselves in offering the most complete range of ponds, water features and aquariums.

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Tropical fish 2 your door

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Wildwoods are fish specialists. We supply many thousands of fishes annually from all corners of the globe. Our purpose built Tropical Fish House is amongst the largest in Britain and contains hundreds of types of fish, from easy community varieties right through to some of the world’s rarest and most unusual species. Shipments of fish are delivered to Wildwoods several times every week and are all unpacked in our modern quarantine facility where they are acclimatised and settled for a period whilst we monitor their health status. All of our tropical fishes are only offered for sale when we are … <more>